Nam Yang Performance Team

The Nam Yang Performance Team offer a wide range of performances  including: Chinese Lion & Dragon dance, Shaolin Kung Fu & Iron Shirt Chi Kung displays

Chinese Lion Dances

The Chinese Lion is a symbol of good luck and is therefore often seen at Chinese New Year, celebrations and at the pening of a new business.

The Nam Yang Lion Dance Teams offer a wide range of different Lion Dances and packages including:

Wedding Package - Includes one or two lions saluting guests as they arrive, lion escort bride and groom followed by a traditional chinese lion dance with lucky oranges.

Scorpion Lion Dance & Martial Arts Demonstration - In addition to experiencing a traditional Chinese Lion Dance performed with weapons, our professional martial arts team will demonstrate a variety of Shaolin freehand and weapons forms. 

Acrobatic Lion Dances - Lion dances with different apparatus including benches, caves, weapons and terracotta pots. 

Hokkien Green Lion Dance - Unique Green Fighting Lion dances whilst beeing attacked by martial artists sporting weapons.

School Workshops - Includes speaker, lion dance with live percussion (Drum, Gong and Cymballs) and interaction with students. Nam Yang workshops are educational and enhance students knowledge of this Chinese cultural activity.

Business Package - Lion performs traditional dance with a hanging green, then dances though premises saluting bringing luck and good fortune.

All inclusive Package: Includes both Dragon and Lion Dances also Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts Display .

For information and bookings email or call 01372725918/07730737152

For video of performances please visit

Shaolin Kung Fu and Iron Shirt Chi Kung demonstrations are available to add on to any of the above packages or are also available individually


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